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Hines Refrigerated Transport provides reliable cold carrier services for food and other perishables that need to be kept temperature controlled during the delivery process. Based in Kundabung we are conveniently located for servicing the metropolitan areas of Brisbane to Sydney, many regional areas, from Coffs Harbour to Newcastle and west to Moree. We cover an extensive area throughout NSW.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, our friendly drivers genuinely care about delivering excellence with every order and our services are flexible and reliable.

Our refrigerated transport services are available to commercial, retail, manufacturing and wholesale clients such as restaurants, supermarkets, smallgoods manufacturers and the seafood industry

We carry a selection of goods including eggs, poultry, fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables among many other perishables and we can arrange transport for whole loads, partial loads, pallets and parcels. Food Licence No. 23414

Our fleet of modern refrigerated trucks is kept in perfect operational order by our in-house team of qualified mechanics and refrigeration specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Is refrigerated transport only for food products?

A wide range of products need to be transported in temperature controlled carriers. These include perishable foods, oils, processed meats, fruit and vegetables, seafood, pharmaceuticals, flowers and plants, some beverages and even temperature sensitive art work.

Is it possible for perishables to remain fresh while in transit?

When perishable food is transported in temperature controlled trucks that maintain the correct temperature consistently during transit, the food stays just as fresh as if it were in the refrigerator at the delivery point. It should be delivered in the same condition it was picked up in.

How important is refrigerated truck maintenance?

Maintaining all elements of refrigerated vehicles is crucial to ensuring the trucks are safe, reliable and able to deliver on time. The maintenance also includes the refrigeration elements. Insulated walls, corrugated floors and evaporation units all need to be serviced and maintained regularly to ensure refrigeration is effective and works at an optimum level.